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RICKard linder

Flowers on a sunday a.k.a Know your Bully

25 mars - 1 may 2010




100 x 100 cm 14 500 kr

mindre storlek 10 500 kr

Walk, 70 cm x 70 cm
Turn My Turn, 51.5 cm x 82 cm
Triumph Formula, 51,5 cm x 82 cm
To Leave, 70 cm x 70 cm
The Smart Ass, 70 cm x 70 cm
The Grandeur, 51,5 cm x 82 cm
The Start , 70 cm x 70 cm
Thank You Me, 51.5 cm x 82 cm
Start Hurt, 70 cm x 70 cm
Person A, 70 cm x 70 cm
Pick It Up, 100 cm x 100 cm
Skid, 51.5 cm x 82 cm
Od, 70 cm x 70 cm
Numbers, 51.5 cm x 82 cm
Not Necessary, 70 cm x 70 cm
Dove, 51.5 cm x 82 cm
Name, 100 cm x 100 cm
No Thing, 51,5 cm x 82 cm
Contrast, 100 cm x 100 cm
Climatic, 70 cm x 70 cm
Bully, 51.5 cm x 82 cm


My life is a sequence of images in which I am just the spectator tagging along.
During 2007-2008 I have tried to capture the mirror of what I experience. With a camera and an iPod, the experience has enhanced tremendously with more precision and more information continually. Music is obviously the main influence to color and words but its the imagery that takes it to another level. The imagery is contrasted to death on my Mac and printed into a puzzle on my HP printer. I try to capture what I feel is significant to record and remember.

I have recently been engulfed in square and pixel shapes. It resulted in a well prepared Typface. It all starts with a square/rectangle. Six lines horizontally and four lines vertically inside the box. The shape is never the same and the alignment is never the same. The only thing that is recognicable is the placement of the blackened pixels forming the letters or numbers. Organic/pixel/typeface.

Try to follow the movement of the lines. Try and see what you can make out of my compositions. You see; creativity takes over my better awareness and judgment, that's where you come in, spectating, configuring, wondering or pondering. I don't know what I will do next. I didn't this time either, but I am always excited enough to try and see where it takes me.

Paint on,



11 september - 11 oktober 2008

University, 195x125 cm
Chicago 2, 100x70 cm
Stipey 6, 70x100 cm
Step, 70x100 cm
Solitude One The bridge, 150x200 cm
Metahistory, 195x125 cm
Chicago 1, 100x70 cm
Hello All, 70x100 cm
Gun!!!, 125x195 cm
Green Fork, 70x100 cm
Fifty Warhol, 70x100 cm
Drunk enough, 70x100 cm
Cornered, 70x100 cm
Awareness 101, 70x100 cm
AltogetherTime, 150x200 cm
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